Do you make personalised commissions? No sorry, I no longer accept commissions. Please do not contact me about this.


When is my order arriving? Normal orders takes 2-5 business days to ship. Preorder orders take up to 2 months to ship. Pop Boxes take up to 4 months to ship. 

Australian shipping times: 2-6 business days
International shipping times: 6-15 business days + customs processing

*Due to COVID-19 post impacts please expect your international orders to take up to 5 months to be delivered. These orders may sit in Sydney for months before they board a plane. Please be patient during this difficult time. All information can be found on your tracking number. 


Where do you ship to? Worldwide! Anywhere. 


My tracking is wrong! If your tracking is showing something that is not correct, this may be a mistake and will correct itself within a few days. All orders with tracking are printed electronically and are the exact address that has been provided. Please do not contact me unless it has been delivered somewhere that is not your home for more than one week. 

International tracking: If your package is no longer inside Australia and has begun transit to your destination country this means your package has changed hands from Aus Post to another service. If there is something wrong with your tracking, you must contact your local postal service as shown in the history of your tracking. Neither Aus Post or I can follow this up as it is no longer under the jurisdiction of Australian borders. 


My order is broken! If something is broken, please let me know kindly and I will either fix it, replace it if I can, or refund you at my discretion. 


My tracking says 'pre transit'. What do I do? Pre transit tracking means you have the tracking number but I have not dropped your package off at the post office. Please wait until your tracking updates to 'in transit' for further information. Please do not contact me about this notification. 


My order never arrived! Please wait for your order to arrive and continue to consult your tracking. If your package is small and domestic (Australia) and has no tracking, please continue to wait for you order to arrive. If you order doesn't arrive, I will replace your order. If I cannot replace the item (i.e. limited editions), I will refund you.


My tracking says my package has been delivered to a place in NSW? As of November 2020 there is an Aus Post glitch where packages are being marked as "delivered" to the post office I drop them off at. This is incorrect. Please allow the tracking to update with the correct information once it is further in transit.


My order isn't right? If something is wrong with your order, I always fix it!


How do I stay up to date with product drops? Follow me on Instagram (@erins.errands), or Facebook (@erinserrandsshop) for social media updates on stock, sales, giveaways, and more. 


How has COVID-19 affected the shop? The pandemic has significantly slowed down international shipping. Please expect international deliveries to take up to 5 months to be delivered. Please be patient during this difficult time. All information can be found on your tracking number. 

Letter post in Australia has been disbanded due to COVID-19. This means small international items are packaged in boxes so they can be delivered.


Will you ever make anything by Holly Black? No, sorry. Holly Black was involved in mass cease and desists targeted toward small fanart businesses and ran several into the ground. Unfortunately, Holly Black has made it very clear that she does not want fanart made of her characters. So, I will never made Cardan, Jude, or others.


Can I be in your pop boxes? Sure! Provided you are Australian based and your products are high quality. Contact me via email or on Instagram.


Do you do wholesale? Yes, but only on enamel pins and keychains.