About Erin

My Story:

I'm Erin, a 24 year old Tasmanian now living in Newcastle, Australia. I started out my business as a travel blog but ended up spending more time talking about the books I read while travelling than actually travelling!

I quit my burnt out desk job after graduating university and began making custom funko pops for my book shelf. By this point, I had gathered a small following on "bookstagram" who were so excited for my designs and began asking me to sell them. 

So in June 2019 I opened up an Etsy store and watched in amazement as my book character pops began selling out. A year later the business was doing so well that I transitioned away from Etsy and opened up my own store here at Erin's Errands Shop, expanding into mystery pop boxes, enamel pins, artwork, and more. Since then, this business has been my full time job and I love every minute of it!

As of 2022 I will be going back to university to study a masters in psychology, another passion of mine, and will be downgrading my business from full time to casual. Thank you to all my customers, friends, reps, and followers for helping me achieve this dream of running my own business over the last 3 years! It means the world to me that I was able to do what I love and call it my own.


My Values:

In this store black lives matter, LQBTQI+ lives matter, and mental health matters! There is a zero tolerance for disrespect or abuse towards me, my reps, followers, and vendors. 

In this store everything is recycled or biodegradable, and vegan! Including me! Well... only the vegan part... although... 


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