About Erin

In this store black lives matter, LQBTQI+ lives matter, and mental health matters!

In this store everything is recycled and vegan! Including me! Well... only the vegan part...

I love travelling, my cat, books, writing, and Funko pops! I currently live in New South Wales in Australia, although my heart belongs to Tasmania.

I have a degree in English, Writing, and Media and absolutely love being my own boss!

Fiona Francois birthed me and now we're a mother-daughter-business-duo team! She draws and paints and I promote her to a book-obsessed community. You can find her sipping on a flat white in a coffee shop or at fionafrancoisart.com 

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 I have zero tolerance for abuse, disrespect, or harassment of any kind toward me or my reps, influencers, and vendors.